The Sandhurst Eye Centre is situated in the heart of Sandton and offers cataract surgery as one of its specialities. We use leading technology in the treatment of cataracts and operate on a day surgery basis. You therefore do not need to stay overnight.

One of our most important philanthropic services is the cataract surgery we offer to the Right to Sight and World Sight Day campaigns. These services are offered to those who do not have the means to have the surgery performed.

The ophthalmologist performs the cataract surgery and this is done on a day basis at the Eye Centre. There is no need for the patient to stay in a hospital as the surgery is done by using a local anaesthesia. This causes very little or no discomfort to the patient.

The ophthalmologists at our Eye Centre perform the cataract surgery by using monofocal and multifocal intraocular lenses. A micro-incision is made, the clouded lens removed and replaced with the synthetic lens. This is so that the transparency of the lens is restored and you are able to see better.

Five of our doctors at Sandhurst Eye Centre have special interest in cataract surgery and perform the surgery on a regular basis. Their expertise can be seen in the success rate of the patience who visited our Centre in its tranquil setting.

The importance of cataract surgery is that there is improvement in your sight to a useful level. The surgery is a quick and easy operation and your recovery is as quick and easy as well.